Complete Wellness – The Full Circle

What is Wellness?

It’s nothing new, in fact it is at the root of human existence as wellness in its essence is a focus on self-healing and preventive care through a holistic and natural approach to how one lives.

The Global Wellness Institute defines WELLNESS as: “The active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health” and that pretty much sums up our idea of wellness.
It also indicates that wellness is not passive, but requires intention, choice and action to achieve an optimal state of wellbeing.
Wellness is not only a physical thing, but holistic and incorporates many dimensions.

Why Wellness?

With modern living responsible for a wide range of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes Type II, obesity, stress, heart problems to name a few, it’s about time to introspect and explore how we can use wellness as a solution.

Wellness is not some hard-to-do thing requiring dramatic lifestyle changes, in fact, it’s more about being mindful about how we live.

How We Do Wellness

We at Diletto Lifestyle & Hospitality have been at the forefront of the wellness world for decades and have gathered a treasure trove of holistic wellness knowledge. Now we want to share our “secrets”.

We create the framework for true wellness, whether in a resort, hotel, office, residential, hospital or other institution.
Our services can include a complete greenfield wellness concept development, wellness architectural design, operational planning, training or simply an analysis and recommendations to upgrade an existing facility.
We see ourselves as guides, we make suggestions and tailor our recommendations to your needs, whether you are building a wellness destination resort or want to ensure that what you serve in your staff canteen is optimised towards a healthy diet.

We look forward to bringing your wellness vision to reality.