Know Who We Are

Diletto is a Latin word meaning “delight” and that’s exactly the kind of experience we

About Us

Diletto Wellness and Hospitality is the passion project of two professionals in the hospitality industry – Jesper and Sabrina.
Jesper, born in Denmark, has more than 20 years of international wellness experience to his credit working in different aspects of the wellness industry. His first foray into healthy living was back in the year 2000, when the concept of wellness was still considered something of a “luxury vacation”. He started Serena Spa Pvt. Ltd. with the aim of providing high quality spa experiences across Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Egypt, and Seychelles.

We Provide a Delightfull Experience

Sabrina joined hands with Jesper in 2003 and with a common aim of elevating the whole concept of wellness comprehensively they expanded Serena Spa and together they handled more than a 100 Spa projects. Sabrina also developed an entire range of massage oil blends, soaps as well as linen, ceramic containers, and other accessories.
Although spa experiences remain a core element of wellness, there is much more to a true state of wellness. The company was renamed Diletto Lifestyle & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and with the world presently going through what can be termed as a rude wake up call to embrace a more conscious and holistically healthy lifestyle, it was decided to focus on assisting organisations in the creation of complete and sustainable wellness solutions.

We truly believe that wellness should be a part of people’s lifestyles and not just a “luxury” option anymore..

With expert level services in wellness consultation, concept development, design, infrastructure, and management assistance, we seek to incorporate well rounded wellness services into pretty much any and every facility, regardless of the nature.
If you think of the possibilities, the sky is indeed the limit.