Architecting Wellness
into your Business

Wellness is everyone’s business

As the world grows in complexity and throws new challenges to our mental and physical health, personal wellness becomes essential. To increase wellness is a conscious journey but the environment must actively encourage a successful transition.

Wellness is no longer just a buzzword; it is very real and very much part of a successful lifestyle. 

We’re here to change that.

We’re here to help you seamlessly add wellness to the lifestyles you create for yourself and for the people touched by your business.
We help you create a new status quo where wellness is no longer just an optional dream but a natural way of life.

We’re here to put Wellness into your Hospitality BusinessWellness awareness is higher than ever and today a hospitality business (or for that matter, any business) needs to offer a range of true wellness elements to stay relevant.With more than 25 years of global wellness experience we are here to help you seamlessly integrate holistic wellness, be it a greenfield project including concept development, design and implementation or a review and upgrade of existing facilities.


To put it in a nutshell, Diletto Wellness and Hospitality is a one stop shop for all things wellness.


A winning wellness facility obviously starts with a winning idea. And we at Diletto love listening to promising ideas.

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With a strong background in the hospitality and management industries, we have the advantage of being experts in strategic planning and operation.

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Once upon a time a spa massage was considered the epitome of luxury and wellness. While the concept has evolved

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Anything state of the art requires timely development and optimization. At Diletto, we strongly believe that it is not enough to merely build a wellness

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In addition to all the obvious services that you may need when setting up your own wellness facility

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The brightest of ideas undoubtedly need the best of infrastructure to provide a delightful experience to customers.

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Years of International Experience

With more than 25 years of international experience in the wellness and hospitality industry, we live and breathe holistic well-being in its true form. And we’re not just using it as a buzz word here. We know what it takes to make healthy living come naturally to people.
From ideation to consultation to infrastructure and management, we provide the “soup to nuts” of everything wellness. Pun intended.

About Us

Diletto is a Latin word meaning “delight” and that’s exactly the kind of experience we provide.
Diletto Wellness and Hospitality is the passion project of two professionals in the hospitality industry – Jesper and Sabrina..

What you do is your business.
Adding wellness to it is ours..

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Wellness for Everyone

Wellness for Everyone

Wellness is not rocket science, nor is it something that costs a lot of money, or something that necessarily requires a lot of time and effort – well, that of course depends on your individual wellness goals.

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