The Soup to Nuts of Wellness

A one stop shop for all
things wellness.

To put it in a nutshell, Diletto Wellness and Hospitality is a one stop shop for all things wellness.
From the very first stage of conceptualization to the last stage of recruitment and training of personnel, Diletto provides everything you need to set up your very own wellness facility, whether it is as a part of an existing establishment or as a full-scale standalone wellness centre.

First, we define the wellness concept based on your vision, then we specify the entire facility requirements and design elements in cooperation with owners, other consultants, architects, project teams et cetera to create a unique one-and-only wellness facility.

Yes, we’ve got the whole package.

Here’s a breakdown of the different areas in which we can help you.


A winning wellness facility obviously starts with a winning idea. And we at Diletto love listening to promising ideas.
Our expert business analysts will sit with you to hear out your vision, your requirements, and your needs. They’ll help further refine your ideas, assess feasibility, and plan the implementation process.
Whether it is to integrate a wellness facility into an existing organisational set up or to build a complete wellness centre from the ground up, our team will help establish the concept for the development of your entire wellness project.
We take one step at a time to make sure we are on the right track to fulfil your vision – once the ideation is complete, you can decide whether to engage Diletto for deployment.


Once upon a time a spa massage was considered the epitome of luxury and wellness. While the concept has evolved to include an array of other aspects including food, movement and mindfulness, a spa is still an integral part of relaxation and well-being.
And that is why we have dedicated spa development services where our team will help you plan and develop a high-quality modern spa facility which includes more than just massage services. It could be as an addition to an already existing wellness centre or as part of a green field project.
We also help you upgrade and improve the quality of an existing spa facility, both in terms of services, products, design, and functionality.


The brightest of ideas undoubtedly need the best of infrastructure to provide a delightful experience to customers.
More importantly, we know that to make wellness a natural part of daily life, we need to make it as seamlessly accessible as possible.
Diletto offers innovative solutions across all aspects of designing including basic architecture, interior design, equipment and décor. With designers abreast with the latest trends and technologies at hand, we assure you a whole new experience waiting to delight your customers.


With a strong background in the hospitality and management industries, we have the advantage of being experts in strategic planning and operation. Which is why Diletto can help you set up your entire operational base, whether it is for a spa or a full-fledged wellness centre.
From developing operational concepts to spelling out standard operating procedures, developing HR policies, to handing recruitment and training and even time limited supervision, we’re here to put your plan into action, all the way.


Anything state of the art requires timely development and optimization. At Diletto, we strongly believe that it is not enough to merely build a wellness centre and forget it – it has to develop according to the latest trends and user demands. We like to make sure that the quality and the performance is constantly sustained.
We provide independent quality control solutions to ensure baseline standards, SOP compliance, to conduct regular quality checks and to provide updated training for the wellness team.
Rest assured, even if your management has too much on its plate, your wellness centre will be in good hands.


In addition to all the obvious services that you may need when setting up your own wellness facility, we like to go the extra mile to help you with your dream. Having had hands-on experience managing and running wellness centres in different geographies, we know the hassles of operation more than anyone else.
This is why we offer you supervision as well as owner’s representation services.
From representing your interests, to making sure that your requirements are met throughout development and operation, we can help you lead the entire process of establishing the centre.
We also offer time limited management supervision to help get things up and running.